Opportunities for highly motivated individuals to work collaboratively and create impactful innovations

Interested in building a career in deep science & technology innovations?

Our research group is open to highly creative, driven and innovative folks aiming to “make a dent in the universe“. We aim to be a diverse group that aims to deepen and integrate knowledge across different disciplines to build exciting cutting-edge technologies and advanced systems with impactful applications. We believe in developing Tor even ? (pi) shaped talents that have both depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to advance science and create impactful technologies.

Join us and embark on an exciting and rewarding journey together! See below for current opportunities.

Research Fellows

We are seeking PhDs with experience across material science, nano-fabrication, mechanics, electronics and electrical engineering. 

Positions available:

Research Fellow (Material Science & Engineering/Physics/Chemistry)

Qualified candidates would ideally have a strong material science background in soft electronic materials and nano-fabrication experience. Experience with soft elastic materials and characterization a plus.

Ideal skillsets:

  • Visualization tools such as SEM, Optical microscopy
  • Micro/nano-fabrication tools such as optical lithography
  • 3D printing
  • Piezo-Sensor materials
  • Flexible/Stretchable semiconductor materials
  • Flexible/Stretchable dielectric materials
  • Meso-porous structural materials
Research Fellow (Electrical/Electronic/Computer Engineering)

Qualified candidates would ideally have experience in circuit design, simulation, layout of analog-to-digital circuits.

Ideal skillsets:

  • Matlab, Cadence, Spice
  • Layout tools such as LEdit or Autocad
  • MEMS devices design and characterization
  • Digital circuit design, simulation and characterization
Research Fellow (Mechanical Engineering/Computational Design)

Qualified candidates would ideally have experience in designing and building mechanical simulation models.

Ideal skillsets:

  • Strong COMSOL Multiphysics or ABAQUS
  • MEMS devices design and characterization
  • Flexible materials modeling
  • Computational mechanics
  • Soft materials
  • Modeling tools such as AutoCAD or Solidworks

Graduate Students

We have positions available for highly qualified and motivated graduate students that want to create and impact the future. Students interested in material science, electrical/computer engineering and mechanical engineering disciplines are welcomed. To apply, please send our PI a CV or resume. The positions are also open to enrolled students in the National University of Singapore.

Interested students can also apply to: NUS Research Scholarship | NUS-NGS Scholarship | A*STAR PhD Scholarship | A*STAR SINGA PhD Scholarship

Masters & Undergraduate Students

We welcome masters & undergraduate students across different disciplines to apply for internships or research attachments. Please send your CV or resume to our PI.

Our Location

We are located in Singapore, a vibrant, clean and safe city with world-class research infrastructure and capabilities. 

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